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Thinking of Listing Your Home For Sale in the West Island?

The Listing Agreement

The first formal step in actively selling your property with Pearl is entering into a Listing Agreement with her. The Listing Agreement is a contract represented by her in which Royal LePage commits to actively market your home for a specified period of time. It also commits you to a pre-established marketing fee that is to be paid upon the successful closing of the sale.

As part of the Agreement, your agent may require the following documents:

Plan of Survey or Location Certificate.
A survey of your property which outlines the lot size and location of buildings as well as details of encroachments from neighbouring properties. This may be required in certain areas to complete the sale of your home. Your legal professional may recommend a survey, especially if significant changes have been made to your property.

Property tax receipts.
Most Listing Agreements require that current annual property tax assessments be shown.

Mortgage verification.
Few homeowners know the exact balance of their mortgage as it is paid down. You will be asked to authorize your mortgage lender to provide the figures required.

Deed or title search.
This document is a legal description of your property and the proof that you own it.

Other documentation.
In some instances, it may help the sale of your property if you can provide prospective buyers with information on such items as annual heating, electrical, and water expenses, as well as any recent home improvement costs.

The Market Analysis

Your home evaluation is one of the most important pieces of information that Pearl can provide you with because being informed is crucial in preparing for a trouble and worry free listing, sale and move.

Pearl would be happy to visit you in your home, and show you an interesting assessment of the homes that have sold in your immediate area and the ones that are currently for sale.

Let her help you with this first step. Many Realtors offer an on-line home evaluation through their website without visiting the home. This is a generalized type of service that may not always be in your best interests. It is imperative to view the house and discuss your selling requirements for an accurate assessment. Call or email Pearl to arrange a convenient time for this complimentary service.

Pricing It Right

Don't Overprice Your Home. Some sellers believe that if they price their home high initially, they can lower it later. Instead of making you more money, this strategy could end up hurting you.

Early activity is key.

As soon as a home comes on the market, agents and potential buyers sit up and take notice. If it's overpriced, interested parties will quickly lose interest. By the time the price drops, the majority of buyers are lost. When a home has been for sale too long, buyers will be wary and may reject the property.

You'll miss the right buyer.

You may think that interested buyers can always make an offer, but if your home is overpriced, potential buyers looking in a lower price range will never see it. And those who can afford a home at your asking price will soon recognize that they can get a better value elsewhere.

You could run out of time.

You may end up having to drop your price below market value if your home doesn't sell initially. Price it right the first time, and you won't end up having to sell it for less than it's worth.

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